Mid Level or Senior Backend Engineer - Spring

 2 months ago

Company: Spring
Position: Mid Level or Senior Backend Engineer, Operations
Location: Remote anywhere in the US
Tech stack: Ruby/Rails, Python, AWS, Agile, TDD, CI/CD, API's

Recent video to learn more about Spring's technology:


Spring is revolutionizing e-commerce by empowering anyone to create and sell actual products anywhere in the world. By powering all aspects from the e-commerce layer to creating the physical product to delivering it to buyers, anyone can launch a store selling actual products within minutes. Our unique print-on-demand structure allows creators to sell with zero cost or risk.

By removing all barriers, Spring unleashes a world of creative ideas that would never have existed. Spring has helped individual creators and global brands sell over 25 million products in more than 80 countries worldwide. And we’re just getting started...

What you’ll do:

As a team, we are still small enough for your influence to be felt in every corner, and yet we're well established enough as a company that we don't often have to worry about existential questions. We're looking for engineers that can help us build on our solid foundation and take advantage of the exciting opportunity ahead of us.

The Operations team, in particular, works on Spring’s ever-growing fulfillment and operations platform, but also oversees interactions with print and shipping partners. We help manufacture and deliver a continuously evolving list of products to the customers, ensuring the quality and speed of delivery expected in modern eCommerce.

What we’re looking for:

One of the company's core values is problem-solving. We believe that a bias towards thoughtful action helps us explore opportunities and test theories quickly, so an engineer who relishes analyzing a complex problem and moving swiftly to solve it would be a good fit here. Balanced against that, in some codebase areas, we need to move deliberately and carefully where risk is higher. An engineer who can strike that balance—moving quickly when possible; moving with more care when required—would enjoy the challenges we face at Spring.

As a Backend engineer for the Operations team, we are looking for someone who:

  • Has 3+ years of professional engineering experience

  • Strong programming experience in Python (Flask/Django) or Ruby (Rails)

  • Experience with designing and building scalable APIs

  • Has a willingness to learn and adapt to new, modern technologies

  • Demonstrates a track record of delivering impactful technical projects

  • Can show that they have helped mentor and guide their peers

  • Can weigh complex technical options against each other and identify a path forward with incomplete information

  • Has strong opinions about software development methodology and explain why and in what situations particular methods are effective

Relevant experience:

  • Modern Agile development, familiarity with TDD, CI/CD (required)

  • Proficiency in Python or Ruby-on-Rails (required) or both (preferable)

  • Experience in design and build of APIs (required)

  • Knowledge of schema design and querying Object Relational Databases (required)

  • Experience building UIs with React or similar modern Javascript frameworks (preferableExperience in design and build of web-services (preferable)




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