Java Software Engineer (+3 years)

 2 months ago

About Bitso:

Bitso is Latin America’s leading digital currency exchange. Our vision is to provide hundreds of millions of individuals across Latin America access to fast, cost-efficient and beautifully designed financial & non-financial services powered by crypto. We believe the first step to achieve this is making cryptocurrencies accessible for everyone following our seven principles: Custodianship, Reliability, Powerful Liquidity, Trusted Brand, Usability, and Solvency.

Team & Role Description:

Our engineering team is responsible for building and scaling our products, and the infrastructure for our operations. As a Software Engineer, you will work in a fast-paced environment and work closely with different chapters across the company to build the best products for our users.

What we value:

  • Passion and personal accomplishments.

  • Independent ownership of business problems and their solutions.

  • Solid engineering skills (e.g. design patterns, automated testing, fault-tolerant systems).

  • Passion for aggressively automating everything we do.

  • Developers who can navigate around a Linux box and a production environment.

  • Experience using open source tools and participating in open source projects.

  • Rolling up your sleeves and getting things done.


  • Understand the requirements of Bitso's products.

  • Design and implement software tests.

  • Help and correct bugs on the platform.

  • Have knowledge of the operation of cryptocurrencies.

  • Drive new feature development.

  • Architect systems and improvement to scale our product and platforms.

  • Ship code for high growth, high visibility markets, every day, for hundreds of thousands of users.

  • Write a high-performance code designed for scale.

  • Assure the integrity, solvency, and security of the exchange.

To succeed in this role, you’ll need

  • English language proficiency.

  • Must have 3 years of working experience with the following:

    • Java 8 or above (streams, lambdas, optionals)

    • Spring Boot, Micronaut, or some other microservices framework

    • Relational databases, preferably PostgreSQL

    • NoSQL databases (Redis, Mongo)

    • Some PHP knowledge is desirable but not required

    • Certain notions of distributed systems: back pressure, observability, fault tolerance, concurrency, redundancy, etc.

*These are the applicable requisites, although equivalent competencies in any of the above will also be considered.*

Additionally, it would be nice if you

  • Experience with architecture and requirements engineering.

  • Act a mentor within the team and with other functions.

Compensation and Benefits:

  • Purpose: You’ll be part of something bigger, working towards financial disruption and inclusion across Latin America

  • Culture: You’ll work in a thriving, friendly, and fun environment that promotes open discussions, jokes, learning, video games, and lots of fun.

  • People: You’ll work with some of the most driven and intelligent people in the crypto space, engaging with a network of diverse talent from 25+ nationalities bound by our quest to #makecryptouseful

  • Salary: We pay very competitively in the countries where we operate, based on sophisticated high-tech markets

  • Venue: Work from wherever you want, work asynchronously; this role is fully remote to give you maximum freedom

  • Unlimited Paid Time-Off: You choose your number of days off. Recharge batteries and enjoy who you are outside the office

*As you move on to the final stage of our talent attraction journey, we will ask you to please complete our background check process.

*This role is expected to work remotely.




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