Senior Backend Developer (Java)

 Data Virtuality GmbH
 a year ago

Headquarters: Leipzig, Germany


Remote. Full-time. Unlimited Contract.

Data Virtuality in a Sec
Leading various large-scale data integration projects at a global media company, our founder and CEO Dr. Nick Golovin experienced that it isn’t enough to rely on just one data integration approach to meet the ever-changing business needs. The Data Virtuality Platform uniquely combines data virtualization and ETL to provide data professionals with a data integration tool that allows them always to choose the suitable method for the specific requirement. Data Virtuality’s flexible data integration approach is the reliable enabler and accelerator for modern data architectures, like data fabric, data mesh, unified data platform, and hybrid-/multi-cloud environments.

As a Senior Backend Developer, you will be:

Coding Expert – You push on further developing our monolithic product Data Virtuality Platform. With your clean coding approach and your creative power, you conceive, develop, and integrate new components and applications into our products with the highest quality.

Bug Buster – Your mission is to keep an eye on our existing products: You analyze and improve our components and fix bugs.

Team Player – Working remotely: You are independent and reliable and stay in constant touch with the Data Virtuality Team. You keep exchanging ideas with your colleagues and help the team develop the best performance.

Our ultimate candidate will have:
  • “Fluent in” Java
  • strong experience (5+ years) in database design, complex SQL queries
  • in-depth knowledge of OOD methodology, Java, XML, J2EE (JSP, JMS, EJB, Servlet, JDBC, JPA), and Web Services (SOAP & REST)
  • working knowledge of Hibernate
  • keen understanding of the internal operation principles of an RDBMS, knowledge of Data Warehousing is a plus
  • practical knowledge of standard technologies for development, assembly (Maven), and versioning (Git)
  • strong experience (5+ years) in J2EE development with a focus on WildFly, JBoss, Tomcat, or a similar application server
  • in-depth knowledge of modern architectural concepts, design patterns, and agile software development (Scrum, Kanban)

  • fluent spoken and written English is a must-have criterion
  • clean and good quality coding approach is very important because of our complex product
  • analytical thinking, pragmatic development approach with a hands-on mentality
  • being a team player, but also being able to solve problems independently
  • understanding the requirements from the customer's view
  • generally very good communication behavior – on both customer and colleague side

What our fantastic team worldwide loves about working with Data Virtuality
  • A job with the stability and team spirit of an employee but also with the freedom and flexibility of a freelancer
  • A stable and reliable job with the freedom and flexibility of a freelancer
  • Flexible working hours + additional perks
  • Fast and dependable monthly payment – in EUR, USD, or Crypto, as you prefer
  • Contributing to the success of a growing company
  • Developing a groundbreaking data technology and working with cutting-edge technologies
  • Knowledgeable and approachable C-Level
  • Continuity and growth potential
  • Friendly and international colleagues
  • Full integration into our teams and invitation for our team events worldwide

This might be your new team!

Working at Data Virtuality means being part of an international team and thriving. What we offer is remote work from your home, wherever it is. Further, you can expect an unlimited long-term freelance contract with full-time work, benefits, and genuine team spirit.

At Data Virtuality, you will experience respectful interactions, harmonious teamwork,
without a dog-eat-dog mentality!

Our Tech Stack

  • Backend: J2EE application running in a JBoss/WildFly container to connect to any kind of
    data source (relational/NoSQL/cloud-based databases, web services, text files, etc.) and to
    query data by using SQL. Persistence layers and internal configurations are delegated to
  • Frontend (Desktop): Desktop Application based on Eclipse RCP
  • Frontend (Web): several Web applications based on Angular
  • Operating System: Linux, Microsoft Windows, macOs
  • Languages: Java 11, C, C++, TypeScript, SQL, XML
  • Databases: Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL, MS SQL Server, Amazon Redshift, Snowflake,
    Microsoft Azure Synapse Analytics, Exasol, Teradata, Vertica, MongoDB, etc.
  • Others: Web Services, JDBC, ODBC, REST, OData, LDAP
  • IDE: IntelliJ IDEA, Eclipse
  • Framework: Eclipse Rich Client Platform, JUnit, Spring, Hibernate, Angular, JQuery
  • Application Servers: WildFly, JBoss
  • Cloud Technologies: Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform
  • Development, Building, and Versioning tools: Maven, Ant, Git
  • Dev and CI tools: Jira, FishEye, BitBucket, GitLab, Crucible, Confluence, Jenkins
  • Virtualization and Containers: Docker, VirtualBox, VMware, Vagrant

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